VIP mentoring program

for brilliant women

You are successful, have a good job and are financially satisfied. You have a stable circle of friends and many social contacts. You enjoy good company, travel and going out. In addition, you are attractive and always look like the perfect woman to others. But on the inside, does it often feel completely different? Your friends would never suspect this, because you play the role of the sovereign, tough woman, bursting with self-confidence. You know enough about mood changes, even if you would never show them. You are often plagued by insecurities, instabilities and a certain feeling of powerlessness. But instead of dealing with it and letting your heart speak, you drown out these unwanted feelings with your lightning sharp mind.

Do you want more, but often don’t dare, because these inner conflicts take the energy from you to focus properly? Do you wish for success, but at the same time fear it and resign yourself to less? I will help you to uncover your hidden potential and eliminate blockages. I start where you question your own success, do not accept it and accept it as part of yourself.

With my VIP mentoring program “for brilliant women” in professional and private reorientation, I am happy to help you in these turbulent phases of life, in which each of us finds himself at least once. You don’t have to constantly question yourself and reproduce the feeling of worthlessness you once experienced. You don’t have to organize the lives of others to distract yourself from your own.

On the contrary, when your powers are exposed, you will be successful – inspiring and pulling others along without constantly helping or feeling responsible for them. Stop sacrificing yourself and becoming exhausted and pursue your own goals and stand up for yourself. Figuratively speaking: Why should a woman who has the engine and equipment of a Rolls-Royce continually submerge like a submarine?

As part of this program, I will work with you to identify your strengths and talents. The transformation, which you have already completed very well on the outside, is thus anchored internally. To be able to take this step, I first pick you up from your own perception, which usually manifests itself in childhood. Obstructive beliefs and fears are dissolved and replaced by an individually created success mantra. You will learn more about your own values and authenticity. Finally, the newly gained stability is anchored with substance and style: “That’s me,” you will say at the end of the transformation process.

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