My approach to work

From rough diamond into a gemstone

Because my manner is positive and open, I am able to discover the hidden skills of my clients and to develop these together with them – creating a jewel from rough diamonds so to speak. I always do this with great care, because systemic coaching is not about a finished solution that fits everyone, but about the fact that my clients develop solutions with my assistance and mentoring. In the first phase, I listen carefully and we define the ultimate objective together. The client has his foot on the pedal and he determines the speed so that his thoughts and desires can unfold naturally at the right time. Changing perspectives ensures that different angles and views are applied to the same situation. The client is his own source of knowledge and self-knowledge; he is of course the expert of his own concerns. There is no one shoe that fits all – I build on the fact that changes are always most effective when they come from within and are not imposed by external influences.

Call up and develop own potential

During this assisted process, it is important that the client remains true to himself, can retrieve and anchor his potential and resources without the person assisting him forcing or even suggesting anything. Every person perceives the world in their own unique way based on their background and experience. This also means that there is no right or wrong to their way. Knowing this simple fact is essential to me when coaching. It is to be accepted that the perception of the client is consistent from his perspective and based on his life experiences. This fact must never be forgotten when monitoring and mentoring; one cannot present a perception to the client that does not correspond to him. People are different; they all have different backgrounds. It is precisely for all these facts and reasons that it is very important to expand and extrapolate the uncovered thread within the framework of the systemic monitoring and to become aware that each individual customer has the resources to re-organise themselves or to restore their overall dynamics.