Rosaria Lecci

I believe, one of the most important methods in a consultation is the structuring of the meeting with the customer and respectively the course of the conversation including the use of openly asked questions.

Each consultation meeting is as particular as the customer himself. Although you can keep with a pattern so that the talk will get a structure, it should stay flexible quite depending on the subject matter. The beginning of the consultation meeting is a significant part of the course of the conversation (it generally already begins in the preparation including scheduling and the documents to be treated), because you build a basis of trust with the customer in the beginning already.

An explanation of the course of the meeting should be given to the customer at the outset already. The framework conditions and the extent of discretion always have to be communicated in the beginning of the consultation. There must always be absolute 100% confidentiality without exception. Once the basis is established, the systematic course of the consultation can be used as a guideline.

It is as follows:

Figure 1: In-house figure based on Sonja Radatz “Beratung ohne Ratschlag: Systemisches Coaching für Führungskräfte und BeraterInnen” (Consulting without advice: Systematic Coaching for Manager and Consultants)