About me

Who I am

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Rosaria Lecci. I began my professional career as a translator in the following languages: German, Italian, English and French. I also speak Russian.

In February 2017, I completed the Company Mentor Education, a Swiss Federal Diploma of Higher Education and the Diploma of Certified Advance Studies in Coaching (CAS). In addition to this, I have completed a therapy training course on the subject of acupressure focussing on nutritional advice.

Three-dimensional concept of human nature

I am therefore not only qualified in coaching, but I also take a holistic approach to my work. My understanding of people is based on the three-dimensional theory according to Viktor Frankl, founder of logotherapy and existential analysis, consisting of three dimensions that are closely interrelated:

  • The physical dimension: organs/cells
  • The psychic dimension: emotions/cognitive and social areas
  • The mental dimension: source of involvement

If these three pillars, which interact with one another, are unbalanced, this creates discord, just like with a stringed instrument. The good thing: People are always searching to restore inner balance – and this is where I come into play, because I can help you discover and develop your own potential, reassert your beliefs and restore your overall dynamics.